How to Start Your Own Roofing Business



Are you working 40 hours per week just to line someone else’s pocket?

Do you feel like your heart isn’t in your work? The passion you once had for your job has fizzled out?

Are you done trading your time for money?

Are you sick of working for someone else? 

Do you feel like you are being called to do something much greater than what you are doing?

Are you ready to make a lot of money doing something you love?


You are not alone, and yes, we can help. 


We want you to meet Eric. Eric graduated from Roofing Business University and is now living a life of incredible and endless possibility. 


Read about Eric’s incredible success story…


Eric was working at a car dealership and he was doing well for himself. He was (and still is!) an incredible salesman. He worked 5 days a week, M-F, and his boss would call him into work on the weekends whenever his boss wanted the weekend off. He made decent money, but it was really just enough to pay his bills with a little left over each month. He saved everything extra he made to take his family on a trip every year. 


He had two weeks off per year, which he always really looked forward to. It was an escape from his daily, repetitive and predictable work. His family and friends were jealous that Eric was able to afford a nice trip with his family once a year. They made him feel lucky for the opportunity. And truly, he did feel lucky that he was able to make ends meet and get away once a year. 


Life was good.


But life wasn’t great. 


Eric had a longing for more. He felt trapped with the security his job provided him with. His family was provided for, which was extremely hard for him to give up.


But work was becoming harder and harder by the day. He felt anxious thinking that working a 9 am-5 pm job, with only two weeks off per year was all he would do for the rest of his life. He realized he felt more trapped than ever. He wanted a life of possibility, not a life that was a predictable day in and day out. There was nowhere for him to go where he was working. If he stayed at the same job, in five years he would be in the exact same spot he is in now. The hope of a brighter future teased him now more than ever. 


Eric knew he had to at least explore the possibility of something different. But where to start? He knew he was a great salesman, he was extremely personable, and he was well organized. But he was terrified. He had a family to provide for, which was his main priority. Maybe he would just continue on with his mundane life. The thought of not bringing in the money he needed paralyzed him into not taking action. He was fine to just continue on..


That’s where we found Eric. Wallowing in the despair that his life would continue down the path of never changing. A friend recommended Eric to our program and we are so glad he did. 


We saw the talent in Eric right away, he just needed some motivation in the right direction. After chatting with Eric, we encouraged him to take our course while he was still working. There was more security in that option. He didn’t have to risk losing his job and source of income while he learned how to start his own company.


Eric started our course and with each class he took, his paralyzing fear slowly started to dissipate. By the time Eric had finished, he couldn’t wait to leave his job to get started building his own roofing business.


Today, Eric is running a successful roofing company. He is making great money, he is taking all the vacation time he wants, he sets his own schedule and he is doing things the way he wants them to be done. He isn’t trading his time for money and working so hard to line someone else’s pockets anymore.


Life for Eric is now full of possibilities. He can confidently say that next year, he could be making double the amount of money he is making this year. He could take his family on 3-4 great trips, instead of just one per year. Now, he doesn’t have just two weeks per year to look forward to- as his escape. He now enjoys every day, because each day is what he makes it.


Eric has true time and financial freedom. 


Here are just a few huge takeaways we gave Eric right off the bat:


  • Roofing companies can be highly profitable. Our roofing companies average $14,000.00 in Gross Profit per day when completing a project
  • Our program will give the student everything they need to be successful in starting their own company even if they don’t have any experience. By learning from our coaching materials and access to coaches the student can cut down their own learning curve drastically and see more success faster than if they were figuring things out on their own
  • 90% of businesses fail within 5 years. Our business has been around for more than a decade so we can give you the necessary coaching and tools to avoid the pitfalls most businesses run into that put them into financial ruin and out of business. 
  • Most business owners never get past the point of being an owner/employee where they are doing the majority of the work and doing smaller revenue numbers $2.5million and below. We can show a business owner how to properly hire, systemize and delegate responsibility so they can effectively scale to much larger numbers without putting more time in


It’s time to step up and take action. You change your life by doing, not by thinking about doing. It is up to you to change your life, you must take the first step, no one can do that for you. We are here, ready to give you the tools for your success, all you have to do is say yes.


We understand how difficult it is to let go of your current life in hopes of something so much better. It takes a very unique person to march to the beat of their own drum and the fact that you are sitting here, reading about Eric’s story, tells us that you are that person. You wouldn’t be looking for a better life if you weren’t.


Set up a call and let us guide you towards a life with unlimited possibilities. It’s time to stop spending your life waiting for things to line up and to feel motivated. Today is yours.


Gary John Bishop wrote, “You don’t have to feel like today is your day, you just have to act like it is”


Let’s get moving and make today your best day yet!


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