The Roofing Business Foundations Package

I don’t have a roofing business yet but am interested in starting one.

Are you interested in starting a roofing company but not sure how to get started? Have you high success rate, produce exceptional projects, hire your first employees, maintain profitability started your own company, but your company is experiencing problems with lead generation, job site management, profitability, or growth? If so, our Roofing Business Foundations Package is the right package for you. Our Roofing Business Foundations Package will provide you with 50+ instructional videos covering everything you need to know to build a $1million roofing company and covering everything we wished we would have known when we first got started! The topics covered in our Foundational Package will provide you with the knowledge you need to source leads, sell at a, and scale a company that you love. The Roofing Business Foundations Package content will also help you avoid some of the major mistakes that we made when we were first getting started that caused us sleepless nights and lost profit.

The price of this package is a one-time charge of $899.00.

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Scaling Your Roofing Business Program

I’m already in the industry and need ongoing knowledge and support.

If you have already seen some success in the roofing industry but have either run into issues that have stunted your business growth or have made work/life balance impossible then our Scaling Your Roofing Business program is the right option for you. This package focuses on helping you take your roofing business from roughly $1,000,000 in revenue to $10,000,000 in revenue while also helping you maintain profitability, client experience, company reputation and culture and most importantly your sanity and work/life balance. This package will include access to our video library of over 50+ educational videos covering everything from creating consistent leads (that you don’t need to knock on doors for) to building the right company culture to managing your schedule and hiring sales and production managers. This package also includes ongoing twice-a-month coaching calls and the ability to speak with our team on an as needed basis when issues or situations arise.

The price of this program is $899 per month.

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The Roofing Business Platinum Package

I’m already doing more than eight million dollars in revenue annually and want to take my roofing business to the next level.

Congratulations on making it to the eight million revenue mark! Very few companies that are started reach these types of numbers, so you most definitely have a lot to be proud of! Of course, if you are here, you are likely looking to continue to grow your business! Our experience has taught us that there is a big difference and learning gap between doing $8million and doing $20million. To scale past the eight-figuremark, you will need outstanding employees and teams, systems and processes, company culture, organized production, and top-notch customer service and hiring processes. If you are already doing $8million or more and want to take your business to the next level, our Platinum Package is meant for a business like yours! Included with our Platinum Package is personal involvement from the RBU team with your business – working on your systems and process, training and developing your team and culture, and helping your business get to the eight-figure level and above. Pricing for this option will vary based on what your business needs but will likely start at $25,000.00 per year or more. To provide you with a more accurate assessment of cost and package plan, we would like to complete a one-hour discovery call with you.

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