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Roofing Business University has cultivated an actionable system of sales principles and processes that lends to both immediate, and sustainably increased results. As a past and personal benefactor of the university, I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about taking their skillset and passion for sales to the next level, and looking to equip themselves with the tools for the results they aspire to... NOW!

Garret Hall

I've gotten the pleasure to be mentored and trained by Matt and Ben during 12 years of sales experience. I can confidently say that these two men have helped me become the success I am today. They truly care about everyone's success and they know how to coach people to perform at a peak level.  They both embody core values of integrity, ethical behavior, and leadership. I'd highly recommend having Matt and Ben train/coach you so you can unlock the inner sales beast we all have somewhere inside.

Ryan Beaver

Over the course of one year working with Ben and Matt, I went from having zero sales experience to being a company leader. Through their detailed approach to coaching and willingness to work one-on-one, I developed a range of interpersonal tools and selling strategies that continue to serve me to this day. What sets Ben and Matt apart is how they balance practical application and context specific strategy with underlying principles that drive success. Put simply they taught me not just how to succeed in the field, but why their techniques work. If you're interested in developing your business acumen or growing in sales, I can't recommend Ben and Matt's services more highly!

Daniel Estes